Our Story

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Our names are Stephen, Dallas, and I am Vanessa.

     Our story started back in December of 2011 when Dallas was diagnosed with having Optic Glioma Tumors on both of his optic nerves, rendering him legally blind. The fallowing year was filled with chemo therapy sessions once a week along with many other issues our families were encountering. through this, Stephen and I began to really delve into the comic book world which we only had a very small knowledge of. This was sparked by Dallas's increased interest. In the spring of 2014 Stephen and myself were having a conversation about how it is such a shame that there are no good comic suppliers closer to the Cortland area and began to joke about opening our own store. Suddenly a light bulb went on and we both thought "Why not?".

     This has been an adventure that we have been very passionate about getting together. We have a very particular eye for unique products that aren't seen everywhere else, we have obsessed over products and distributors for months and finally settled on the ones that we feel offer what is the most important part of what we believe in offering in our store, which is unique, quality products, and competitive prices that are affordable on most incomes. We have a passion that rubs off on anyone who spends time talking to us and opened up interest in people that never thought they would become so obsorbed in the rich world of comics! We love the histories, the stories, the art, and the passion that comes with comic books and we hope that you will frequent our business and don't be shy in making any requests for titles, items, or characters that you would like to see in our store!

     Please also know that this is going to be considered a family oriented business that will appeal to any and all age ranges, because being a family with a young, active, child we personally know how hard it is to go comic shopping with a little one since most stores do not appeal to the youngest generations. We welcome them with open arms because they are the future fans and we would love to get them started with their own hero and villain choices!

See You Soon!

Vanessa, Stephen, and Dallas