We here at Heroes and Villains just wanted to send out a huge thank you to everyone who supported our first Comic Con! You all were amazing! It was so wonderful to see Cortland come alive for this event. This is one of the many events and activities that we had dreamed of making happen in Cortland from the jump of deciding to open our doors. As you all know, it is our personal mission to help this city embrace the culture of comics and to create a safe and friendly environment where people with similar interests can come together and make new friends. We  feel that the Heroes and Villains Con will be a huge extension of this mission that will also expose everyone to the people behind the stories and characters that we love so much! We can not stress to you enough how vital you all were to making this a huge success! Not only was the turn out much larger than we could have ever anticipated, but you all did your best to make the talent and vendors feel welcome and successful in their choice to come to Cortland. This was so much more important than you'll ever realize to the future of this store and to the growth of this event. Thank you to every single person that participated! We love you guys!

~Vanessa, Steve, and Dallas


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Saturday May 6th!

Free Comics and Special Guests!

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Saturday April 22nd-23!

Magic: the Gathering Amonkhet Pre-Release!




$25 per player

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